We'll train you to become a High-Performance Full Stack Development Engineer

We Want To Teach You How To Architect, Design, Build, Test, and Apply Deployment Strategies in Scalable Web Applications Development.

This is How it Works:

Rather than following a traditional web development course structure, our approach is unique. Choose any product you wish to create — be it a distinctive e-commerce platform, an innovative marketplace, or a bespoke web application — and we’ll guide and teach you through architecting and building it from the ground up. By the end of the course, you’ll achieve dual outcomes: a fully developed product ready to be sold or further refined, and, more importantly, hands-on experience in crafting it.

Key Features

  • High Performance: You’ll gain expertise in developing fast, responsive web applications using cutting-edge MERN stack technologies.

  • Scalability: You’ll learn to architect web applications that scale seamlessly with business growth, using microservices and cloud technologies.

  • Advanced Architectural Design: You’ll understand the intricacies of Domain-Driven Design (DDD) to build applications that are both technically sound and closely aligned with business goals.

Advance Syllabus

We intentionally designed this syllabus for you. Because we are trusted by companies of all sizes worldwide, we know the ins and outs of how to architect, design, build, and deploy cross-platform applications. We understand the advanced concepts of software development and have seamlessly applied various engineering principles to solve complex application problems. The syllabus below is carefully crafted; once you master it, you will be able to architect, design, build, test, and deploy web applications. These applications, architected using microservices and APIs, will be ready for clients to connect with and utilize their resource endpoints.

Every story has a beginning. Whether you’re a Distinguished Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, or a Full Stack Engineer, they all start from somewhere. HTML & CSS are your foundation, and missing these essentials means risking success in becoming a High-Performance Full Stack Development Engineer.

  • HTML5 & CSS: Develop and style web components crucial for robust web pages, preparing you for more advanced design frameworks.
  • Capstone Project: Build a sophisticated web interface utilizing various HTML and CSS components, readying you for complex UI challenges.

JavaScript is truly an all-in-one language. By ‘all in one,’ we mean it functions both in the frontend and backend. Therefore, mastering it with us will make your learning journey smoother and more integrated. We’ll immerse you in its core concepts and guide you in using them to build a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, & Delete) Web Application without relying on any framework.

  • Browser Mastery: Learn DOM manipulation and event handling for responsive web applications.
  • API Integration: Gain the ability to create and consume APIs, setting a solid foundation for backend interaction.
  • Intermediate Project: Craft a JavaScript-intensive application, solidifying your DOM manipulation skills in preparation for React.js.

React simplifies frontend development, but there’s a catch: you won’t fully appreciate its power without first mastering pure JavaScript DOM manipulation. At Atop Web Technologies, we emphasize this fundamental skill. We’ll ensure you master JavaScript before moving on to React, which is an incredibly cool library.

  • SPA (Single Page Application) Development: Understand React components, hooks, and state management.
  • State Management with Redux: Master complex state management with Redux.
  • Advanced Project: Design a high-performance React application with Redux, interfacing with an API for dynamic web experiences.

The Back-End Power Pair at Atop Web Technologies: These two technologies are the heartbeats of server-side programming. With Node.js, you delve into the world of efficient, scalable network applications. Express.js complements it perfectly, giving you the tools to build robust server-side logic. At Atop Web Technologies, we ensure that you not only understand these technologies but also master them to create powerful back-end solutions with ease.

  • API Development: Develop RESTful services with Express.js, integrating middleware for comprehensive backend solutions.
  • Microservices Architecture: Learn best practices for building scalable, independent microservices.
  • Capstone Project: Architect a network of 5 to 6 microservices, each facilitating unique aspects of the application’s functionality.

Developers + Operations = DevOps, the key to bridging silos. At Atop Web Technologies, we’ll teach you the fundamentals of DevOps, including how to dockerize the frontend and backend services you’ve built in previous modules. You’ll construct a complete CI/CD (Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery or Deployment) pipeline using existing tools. Additionally, you’ll learn how to set up the cloud infrastructure where your applications and APIs will run, ensuring seamless operation and scalability

  • Linux and Command Line: Enhance your server management and command-line skills.
  • DevOps Techniques: Create CI/CD pipelines, implement automation scripts, and understand the nuances of efficient development cycles.
  • Docker: Package applications for consistent deployment.
  • AWS Services: Deploy and manage applications using AWS, incorporating services like Elastic Beanstalk, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, and Fargate.
  • Deployment Strategies: Master deployment techniques such as canary releases and blue/green deployments.

Domain-Driven Design (DDD) Focus at Atop Web Technologies: In this part of the course, we delve deep into the principles of DDD, an approach that centers on aligning software architecture with complex business requirements. We’ll guide you through structuring your projects to reflect real-world scenarios, thereby enhancing your ability to develop software that not only meets technical specifications but also solves practical business challenges. At Atop Web Technologies, we believe in the power of DDD to transform your approach to software development, ensuring your work is both technically sound and business-relevant.

In this program, Domain-Driven Design (DDD) principles are pivotal to teaching you how to apply core engineering principles effectively. With DDD as a foundation, you’ll learn to:

  • Structure: Build well-architected web applications that reflect complex business processes.
  • Adapt: Quickly adapt and apply similar engineering methodologies to accelerate software development.
  • Innovate: Innovate at pace, ensuring your development work keeps up with the evolving needs of the business domain. DDD will not just be a theory but a practical toolkit, empowering you to craft software solutions that are deeply aligned with business goals.

If you don’t select a specific product to build, the course culminates in a comprehensive web-based application using microservices architecture, featuring:

  • API Gateway Integration: A streamlined entry point for all microservices, facilitating secure and efficient inter-service communication.
  • A suite of services including a Frontend Service, Cart Service, Product Catalog Service, Currency Service, Payment Service, Shipping Service, Email Service, Checkout Service, Recommendation Service, and Ad Service—all developed with Node.js and Express.js.

This project will be self-paced, providing the flexibility to focus on areas that best align with your interests and professional goals.

Flexible & Safe-pace Training

  • Scheduled Expertise: Our training aligns with your pace, led by top-tier consultants and industry experts for maximum flexibility and effectiveness.
  • Global Professional Network: Learn from professionals actively working in leading companies across the globe, bringing you real-world software development expertise.
  • Practical Insights: Gain insights from those who know the industry inside out, ensuring your learning is rooted in practical, current experience.
  • Up-to-Date and Relevant: With our experts’ ongoing industry involvement, you’re guaranteed training that’s not only flexible but also aligns with the latest market trends and demands.

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